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Stuffed animal toys: Dolphin stuffed plush toy

Stuffed dolphin toys are cute animal toys. Very cuddly, they have tender fur surface (plush) that feels warm and cozy and are stuffed with soft materials.
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Canned Dolphin
stuffed animal toy set
Price (USD): $13.95
Size (cm):20 (length)
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Dolphin stuffed plush toy
We are sorry, this store is currently closed
Stuffed animal (dolphin) sealed in a can. Funny animal toy set.The toy animal can be taken out when the can is opened.

This stuffed dolphin toy comes sealed in the can. To extract the toy from the can, the can must be opened using a can knife.
Open cans sometimes have sharp edges, which may make them hazardous for children. Please take care and use knife that opens cans without leaving sharp edges, or dispose of the can before giving this stuffed dolphin toy to other people.

All prices are in US dollars.
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Dolphin stuffed plush toy
Stuffed dolphin is cute plush toy, Australian design, manufactured offshore.

Canned dolphin
Canned dolphin is a humorous set that consists of a stuffed animal sealed in a can. The phrase "Canned dolphin" is actually a joke as the set does not contain any food. Instead, the can contains a stuffed animal toy. When the can is open, the toy dolphin can be taken out and put back in. The can resembles normal food can and can serve as a dwelling for the actual animal toy. The animal is a cute stuffed plush animal toy that will amuse children and entertain adults.
These stuffed toys are individually machine sewn and therefore every toy has minor differences, and some minor imperfections are possible.

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