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Bays/Beaches: Bronte Beach
address  Bronte Rd BRONTE 2024
telephone 9369 8000 (Waverley Council)
parking free offstreet; pay station; street metered
A pretty and green beach, equipped with barbecuing facilities and popular with families, spread out across the parkland that provides much needed shade on a sunny day. The surrounding district is rich with refreshment facilities for those with no respect for a Great Aussie Barbecue. Great place for an outdoor party or sports event. Easy to reach by public transport or car (expect parking space to be extremely limited on a sunny weekend). More popular with locals than visitors.
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   Visitor reviews on Bronte Beach
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john oram wrote about Bronte Beach on 5-Dec-2009:
I lived at Bondi Jnction about 1936-1939 and was a regular visitor snd used to hsunt Bond`S Ocean Baths and the bogie hole and once managed the Bronte - Tamarama swim - I was in the Bronte Splashers I well remember the tram trip down the Bronte cutting and the shop selling frozen fruit.
ruth wrote about Bronte Beach on 5-May-2009:
I was a member of Bronte swimming club from aged 4 till my teens and surfed with my dad who carried me in the `Boggie Hole` on his shoulders (very rough) Dad was born and grew up at Bronte. His brother went swimming every morning and one day didn`t come back. his things were found on the rocks. I used to ride the `Little Train` then cross the road for some hot chips which I`d eat on my walk up to the top of the road to visit my cous Jan or walk home to Bondi Junction without fear of being harassed. - I loved the spirit of Bronte- it breathed and enfolded my childhood in loving arms and protected me from the world. A child could simple `be` in the 1960`s Thank you Bronte.
Barbara Barrios wrote about Bronte Beach on 16-Nov-2007:
Bronte Lane is where I used to live 1996-1999. I was the only mexican girl who arrived as a resident with the other 5 mexican boys who Australia chooses once a year. I felt like a local only after 2 years when I joined my neighbours and ended up going shopping bear feeted to get milk or bread up the road on a Saturday morning. I went jogging everyday from Bronte to Bondi along the clifs, always back to Bronte, where the good looking guys from all over the world including the local ones would be. Bronte, always beautiful, full of sporty people early in the morning doing tai-chi in the park or with gorgeous surfers playing with the waves... I would wake up in the summer just to see the ever changing sunrises from my bed and went back for a mini snuzz before work. You could not get better than Bronte, always a good option for breakfasts in the weekend, sun bathing, walking, for a nice cake & cup of coffee, or for good fish & chips in the late afternoons, a cozy place for a bbq. Bronte is a special place, a great spot which makes you think and thank God for being there. I became an Australian citizen afterwards.
peter anthony wrote about Bronte Beach on 13-Apr-2006:
Ahhh....Bronte! My childhood was spent there ..My uncle Dave owned the old surf sheds (Dave Brown very famous rugby league player of the 1930`s) The sheds are long gone They use to hire out "surfo-planes" black rubber floats .Your talking about 1963(.I was 11yrs) Long hotter than hot Christmas hols.Hanging around "the first ramp"With Jeff Smith,Bob Boyd,Brian Rielly & Pete Bell Hanging on to the chain in the baths when when the swell was up,or the common practice of chartering the course of the storm water drain, from Bronte gully to the beach (500m) .Much fun innocent times .....Any one out there remember these times?
Mick MacRAe wrote about Bronte Beach on 2-May-2005:
I lived in Bronte from 1949 untill 1989. It`s true that a huge wave swamped the surfclub during a performance by Johnny O`keefe c 1961. He continued his performance unpreturbed,singing "Splish Splash" In 1963 Bronte was invaded by 300 or so Rockers armed with bikechains and sticks. They were led by the so-called king of the rockers Martin Chandler. The rockers were out to destroy the Surfie movement and set out to invade the SURFERS STOMP, which was a dance that was held every Sunday and presented by Paul Grahame, Paul happened to be a Mr. Australia weight lifting champion and he challenged Martin Chandler to a one out fight. Chandler declined and the entire 300 rockers retreated.
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