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Bays/Beaches: Coogee Beach
address  COOGEE 2034
parking free offstreet; pay station; street metered
An Eastern suburbs beach, similar to the famous Bondi but smaller and more suitable for swimming rather than surfing. Activities offered are pretty much common for an average beach, with an abundance of cafes, pubs, restaurants and hotels (including the backpacker ones) in the adjacent area. A variety of local timeshare accommodation offer guests the luxury of staying in a homelike atmosphere complete with kitchens, separate bedrooms and spacious living rooms. The crowd is mostly young and atmosphere is great, as expected. Easy access by public transport and passable parking space, recently renovated esplanade and gardens make Coogee popular among visitors, especially backpackers, and Sydneysiders.
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Grant Reserve
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Wylie Baths
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   Visitor reviews on Coogee Beach
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allyce wrote about Coogee Beach on 11-Feb-2008:
I actually lived on Randwick army barracks and would walk to coogee beach. finding a route that had the least amount of hills. We would spend the whole weekend down there and get back to school (Maroubra high) on Monday looking like beach bums with no doubt 101 skin cancers. My 2 Newfoundland dogs even escaped one day and were found swimming with the tourists and fellow locals in the clear blue. considering a Newfoundland can weigh anything from 60-80kg they weren`t shy!. Just goes to show that it doesn`t matter what colour or how hairy you are. Coogee accepts all walks of life.
Natasha wrote about Coogee Beach on 21-Oct-2005:
Me and my friend lived on Oberon Street in Coogee for 4 months back in 2003 and had the best time ever. Coogee is such a lovely little town and even though we were backpackers, they made us feel very welcome, especially Keiron in the internet cafe. The beach was stunning and who could resist the coogee bay hotel and beach palace! Many a drunken nights were spend in those places, I actually remember being escorted out of the CBH once for being too drunk - they wont tolerate it in there, thats for sure.... Cant remember what the shop was called (opposite CBH) but they did mean chicken rolls and smoothies which I tucked into regularly. I definately miss Coogee and its laid back ways !
Kira wrote about Coogee Beach on 4-Oct-2005:
I am a local and live about 5 mins from Coogee Beach which is still a lovely small suburban beach. Yes the backpackers are large in number - especially in Summer & the locals do have a poor opinion of habitually drunk & disorderly eurotrash who tend to throw up in locals`; front yards and leave cigarette butts everywhere - after all wouldn`t you? However, when my mum had a flat tyre did locals offer her any assistance? No, but loads of backpackers did & were very polite and sweet to her. So of course the bad behaviour of the few can colour one`s opinion of the majority of travellers who come from cold and rainy climes and can`t believe the bright and sunny beauty of Coogee and the friendliness of its people!If you want something classy and less youthful/backpackerish, stay at Dive boutique hotel or The Coogee sands or even the Crowne Plaza. For great swimming, pay the $3 and go to traditional Wiley`s baths where you can relax away from the riffraff and don`t forget that the nearby Ritz cinema is the cheapest and the best! Have fun!
Vikki B wrote about Coogee Beach on 1-May-2005:
I lived in Coogee until I was 3 and then spent every xmas there up until I was 16(having moved to Qld). I have the fondest memories of spending days playing on the beach and swimming in the pools, long walks along the cliffs and hours spent strolling through the shops. Many a picnic was had in the park above the beach and the Surf Life Savers Club held a great fascination for me for obvious reasons. Afternoons spent wandering through the cemetery and marvelling at some of the amazing headstones, I even have fond memories of the arduous walk up Coogee Bay Rd. Xmas eve was always spent at the Mardi Gras on the beachfront followed by a stoll back up the hill to head to bed and wait for Santa. I love Coogee Beach and hope to take my own 2 children there this xmas and share a little bit of Coogee magic with them.
Sarah P wrote about Coogee Beach on 24-Jan-2005:
We lived in Coogee for 4 months in 2002 and although there were backpackers around (us included), it was nowhere near as bad as King`s Cross or Bondi(which is very over-rated). The bars were great (as my boyfriend said in his comments earlier, particularly during the World Cup!), the beach was beautiful and the pancakes in the cafe next to the kite shop were amazing! The Coogee to Bondi walk seems nothing more than a daydream now...but a very good one to pass the time away whilst in miserable Britain. We will be back one day (for good this time) so until then, we`ll just have to keep dreaming
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