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Bays/Beaches: La Perouse
address  LA PEROUSE 2036
telephone 9311 3379
parking free offstreet;free car park
web site
La Perouse is a famous historical and indigenous heritage area and features several beaches on both Frenchmans Bay and Congwong Bay sides of the cape. Historical and cultural events and attractions include 19th-century military fort at Bare Island (guided tours are available), Laperouse museum and free Reptile shows (Sunday afternoons). Locals often catch shellfish and octopus which are commonly found in the rocks. Fishing and scuba diving are common activities here as well. Parking is often hard to find. The water is clean, especially at Congwong Bay. On the way back take a scenic Prince of Wales tourist drive to the lookout at Molineaux Pt.
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Reptile show
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Reptile show
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Congwong Bay
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Reptile show
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Reptile show
La Perouse Sydney (60k)
Frenchmans Bay
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Frenchmans B...
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In the Rocks
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View of the ...
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View of the ...
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Bare Island ...
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In the rocks
   Visitor reviews on La Perouse
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Charles wrote about La Perouse on 15-Feb-2011:
I have lived at La Perouse all my life and believe that nude bathing is not an issue at Congwong Bay. The whole of Europe have nude beaches and parks, but here in good old conservative land, it is regarded as some kind of crime. Its really very pathetic. With a population of more than 4 million Sydney needs more need beaches to cater for the demand. Little Congie is only offensive to samll minded people who sit on the hill with binoculars so they can be offended.
Local Local wrote about La Perouse on 26-Apr-2010:
I think everyone is forgetting the actual fact that the law as it stands says that it is illegal to be nude at little congy.These nudists say they are law abiding citizens but break the law everytime they strip. I say authorities throw the book at them.Now the nudists are going o say that im just a blow in. I have news for them,I was born and bred in La Perouse over 40 years ago on the nearby aboriginal reserve and have worked in the area for going on 24 years.Some of the things i have seen first hand are too disgusting to mention,both on the beach and in the bushes.I have been propositioned and flashed,seen countless sex acts on the beach,(some in front of our faces while working there)including group sex.You can witness this on any sunny day year round.I say get lost you law breakers because all us locals are ready to unite to push the issue.Dont tell me the nudity dont attract this behaviour as it doesnt seem to happen on the other local beaches.
annie wrote about La Perouse on 10-Oct-2009:
there ARE other things to do at La Perouse other than follick around naked .. is this a policital blog site for nudists ?? Congie is a nice place for a swim - Danny`s seafood is good for a feed and there is a great walk to the headland to see the remains of a shipwreck
James P wrote about La Perouse on 24-May-2009:
I don`t use nude beaches but I think areas should be set aside for people who enjoy going nude. The old argument that everyone should have to change their behaviour because a child might be near is lame. Parents are responsible for looking after their children, not the rest of society. I went to a concert with my parents in the 70s where some hippies all stripped off and went swimming in the river. Nobody started ranting on that they spoke for some `imaginary moral majority`. Everyone laughed and enjoyed the vibe, even my conservative mother.
Lynda wrote about La Perouse on 14-Feb-2009:
Information about La Perouse: Most significant site in Australia celebrating the relationship between Australia and France, established oJanuary 26, 1788. Hosted the first Observatory in Australia and the French Astronomer, Dagelet, advised Lt. Dawes on the building of the second Observatory at Dawes Point. 2009 is the International Year of Astronomy. First Christian service in the new colony most probably held here by the two priests on the Laperouse expedition, Mongez and Receveur. Mongez travelled aboard L`Boussole and Receveur aboard L`Astrolabe. Both priests were scientists. Receveur died on the 17th February 1788 and is buried to the north of the Laperouse Museum. Each year a Mass is celebrated to mark the occasion and this year is a particularly special occasion being the 800th Anniversary of the Franciscans. Receveur was a Conventual Franciscan. 2009 marks the 90th anniversary of the Cann Family Snake Show. John Cann is also noted Australian expert in freshwater turtles. The Macquarie Watchtower, situated to the east of the Laperouse Museum, is the oldest Customs Station in Australia, and 2008 marked the Centenary of the Customs and Quarantine Act. Bare Island was named by Cook and Banks collected shells from the island when the Endeavour was at anchor in Botany Bay in May 1770. The Fort on Bare Island was constructed in the 1880s as a defence against possible invasion by the Russians. Bare Island also featured in Mission Impossible II and during the filming the area was closed off for a number of months. Congwong Bay has also been used for filming movies, mini-series and advertisements, as it is one of the few beaches in Sydney which offers a natural setting. The Laperouse Monument and Receveur Tomb were commissioned by Hyacinthe de Bougainville during his stay in Sydney in 1825. He laid the foundation stone for the Monument on September 6, 1825. Governor Brisbane granted the land on which the monument and tomb stand, and the government architect Corkney undertook the work which was completed in 1828. In 1984, the La Perouse Aboriginal Community were the first to be granted freehold title to land in NSW under the New South Wales Aboriginal Land Rights Act. Cape Banks is an excellent site for whale-watching. There are also remants of the WWII military village and fortifications, as well as the historic Coast Cemetery. There are walking tracks to Henry Head where there are futher fortifications. Adjacent to the National Park is the NSW Golf Course which will host the Australian Open at the end of the year. La Perouse has a long history as a tourist destination with visitors coming for the beaches, snorkelling, sailing, bushwalks, golf, and views of Botany Bay, the Aboriginal crafts - Laddie Timbery displays a number of items for sale every Sunday, the snake shows, the historical sites and many other attractions.
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