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Suburbs: Bondi Junction
address  BONDI JUNCTION 2022
parking pay station; street metered
Although Bondi is mainly associated with the famous beach, Bondi Junction is the gate to the eastern suburbs and is at the moment the closest train station to the eastern beaches. Convenient to reach, it is one of prestigious suburbs to live in and hosts a diversity of communities from Russian to Chinese. A popular place for shopping, dining and clubbing for both local residents and Sydney visitors.
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Bondi Junction Sydney (57k)
Cnr. Oxford ...
Bondi Junction Sydney (81k)
Oxford st. m...
Bondi Junction Sydney (75k)
Oxford st. m...
Bondi Junction Sydney (79k)
Oxford st. m...
Bondi Junction Sydney (65k)
The Gardens ...
Bondi Junction Sydney (51k)
Bondi Juncti...
Bondi Junction Sydney (59k)
Llandaff st.
Bondi Junction Sydney (72k)
Oxford st. m...
Bondi Junction Sydney (67k)
Heritage bui...
Bondi Junction Sydney (60k)
Heritage bui...
   Visitor reviews on Bondi Junction
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Pat wrote about Bondi Junction on 29-Jan-2009:
As an Australian living in Bondi junction i love it. There is a load of Irish people and although they can be a bit obnoxious at times they do fit well somehow. Just a tip for the Irish: Respect is needed i think most Aussies love the Irish but sometimes they go too far. ie fighting, swearing and the "ireland is the best" extreame nationalism pride dosnt go down too well.
Fran Ireland wrote about Bondi Junction on 31-May-2007:
I`m Irish and I lived in Bondi Junction for about 9 months. It`s great their and I made a lot of friends. However I totally understand why people give out about the backpackers, the place is over run. And it does seem to be mostly Irish people. I`d just ask that if you`re Irsh and heading down under then behave yourself. We give out enough in Ireland about foreigns coming in and wreaking the place, just practise what you preach that`s all I`m asking. I`d like to go back and live in Sydney someday, I hate to see that people have turned on us because of our lound drunkness all over the the Junction.
Laura Tate wrote about Bondi Junction on 20-Apr-2007:
Ě lived between bondi and bondi junction for, on and off, 6 mths, i loved every minute of it and would give anything to be back there now. It upsets me to hear the aussies commenting about the backpackers overrunning the mentioned previously, the only native aussies are the aboriginals and lets not forget that! We also provide millions of dollars of income for the country every year....the only hostility i ever encountered in australia was not from the drunks or the homeless, it was not from the backpackers or the drug was from working middle class so called Australian adults who more then once were openly rude to me and my friends without any provocation, at points bordering on racism...its a sad thing that some people who live in such a beautiful city as sydney do not have the personality or friendliness to match.Maybe this is why all the backpackers tend to congregate in one spot, because we don`t feel as welcome elsewhere. I`d like to point out i am not including all aussies in this, i met some absolute blinders too!! In conclusion...bondi junction is great, the shops are brilliant, the pubs and location to the beach is second to none...a home from home!
Marjoerie Pizarro wrote about Bondi Junction on 20-Jan-2006:
I was going to Bondi Junction during a month to study in an Institute. Although, I am from South America , I never felt as an stranger there. The blend of nationalitieswas charming, the organized bus station was a good alternative to get everywhere, the same happened with the train.Bars, restaurants,cafés, people made this place magical.
Kathy, Dublin wrote about Bondi Junction on 14-Dec-2005:
Bondi Junction is a fantastic melting pot! I lived there for a few months and mingled with all nationalities and all walks of life. It`s a great mix of wealth and workers and as a result it is a bit rough around the edges there, but I think thats something that should be embraced. I`m dissapointed that Jasmine has reverted to complaining about "backpackers" - filling up buses?! and twanging in her ear?! Maybe she should remember that it mostly Irish and English people who made Sydney what it is today... And that her fellow aussies travel to work and live in Europe in the same way.. Bondi Junction is a great place to be if you like to sample some real Sydney, and to mix with the locals and the immigrants. Yes, you need to be streetwise, and yes, the pubs are rough and ready, but wouldnt Sydney be boring if everywhere was just for the beautiful people?!
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